IOO people in

a bottle


The artists Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma (Amsterdam, NL) have
put an unusual experiment to the test; 'can you capture
the (collective) emotions of one hundred people?’ During their quest
to unravel the unpolished language of emotions, the artists
stumbled upon the role of chemosignals. (These almost odourless hormones, in our sweat, communicate emotions to others.)


The artists extracted these hormones from the perspiration, harvested with sterile T-shirts, which 100 residents, builders, judges, athletes and night club owners in the neighborhood
of Rabot (Ghent, Belgium) wore for one night and one day.
 The resulting turbulent concentrate captures the emotional dynamics of a temporary crowd in this urban area.


The artists will present the results at the Design Museum Ghent
on January 31, 2019. Prior to the launch the extract will be partly vaporized in Salon Louis XVI of the museum. The historic exhibition space is now infused with the molecular aura that was produced
one specific day in Rabot, during sex, sports, affection, euphoria, stress, fear and rage.