IOO people in

a bottle


Artists Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) put this question to the test in an unusual experiment: Diffusion, Essence de Rabot. For this artwork 100 participants will take part in the making of the essence in Rabot neighborhood (Ghent, Belgium) during one day on October 6th, 2017. They will be asked to wear a clean white T-shirt that will capture traces of their emotions in the form of signal molecules. (The body’s alchemy produces these molecules to communicate emotions with others.)



At the end of the 24 hours the shirts are put in sealed bags and collected to be distilled in the local perfume store into an emotional concentrate of 100 people. On this day, their spirits will produce the top-, mid-, and base-notes of the essence: Diffusion: an odorless genie in a bottle. 


This active concentrate will contain the molecular aura of this one day in October, of the produced pheromones - for example nest, sex, affection, euphoria, fear, colonization - by the 100 participants living and working in this dynamic neighborhood in flux.